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Father’s Day CBD Gift Guide

June 15, 2021
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fathers day cbd gift guide

As we prepare to raise a high five to our fathers this Father’s Day, we want to start by celebrating the dads in our lives. Whether it’s the fathers here at the XTEND5 office, the fathers who faithfully serve their families in countless ways every day, or all those in our society who play a fatherly role and influence the next generation, we celebrate you.

As a family-first company, we highly value the role our fathers play in society. Today, we want to share our Father’s Day CBD Gift Guide with you, featuring products that will elevate dad’s wellness well beyond Father’s Day.

Gifts for all kinds of dads

We know that the pressures of fatherhood can be heavy at times; whether navigating the work/home life balance to managing stress, sleep, and energy levels on a day-to-day basis, the XTEND5 gift guide has you covered. From workout essentials to natural remedies for sleep and stress, we have the guide for dads looking to benefit from CBD and other natural ingredients.

Mending Milk Topical CBD

Mending Milk for the active dad

We know that many dads love to be active as a fundamental part of their lifestyle. After all, a fit dad is a strong dad, and investing in movement, exercise, and generally supporting your kids physically, whatever age, is key to a thriving family.

So, whether you like to be active or are recovering from old injuries, the XTEND5 Mending Milk could be the one for you. This topical cream offers instant joint pain relief and muscle recovery, providing the body with CBD oil absorbed through the skin.

This cream is easy to apply and is packed with other therapeutic ingredients that have been used in natural medicine for centuries. From Arnica to Frankincense, Myrrh to Lavender, the aroma is a bonus and compliments the healing properties of this pain-relieving topical cream.

For more information on Mending Milk, click here to read our blog dedicated to its healing properties.

XTEND5 Royal Oil CBD

Royal Oil for the curious dad

It might be that the father in your life has never used CBD oil or even heard of its benefits, and that’s why we want to highlight the XTEND5 Royal Oil. Royal Oil is a tropical passion fruit flavored 99%+ CBD isolate, which could be a great starting point for the dad new to CBD.

A curious dad may be asking, what is CBD Isolate? Pure Isolate CBD oil means all the compounds have been extracted from the hemp plant, and you are left with just one CBD isolate compound. As a result, this means that you avoid THC and its psychoactive components and consume the CBD compound in its purest form. While all XTEND5 products have zero THC, Royal Oil offers a pure CBD experience without it being part of a blend or combined with other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant.

XTEND5 Nourish Nectar CBD Energy Blend

Nourish Nectar for the hard-working dad

Dads work hard, and so anything that acts as an answer to improved focus and supporting long-term energy is a win! Nourish Nectar is a blend of ancient ingredients, with CBD working as a critical therapeutic ingredient. Frankincense, Reishi and Cordyceps Mushrooms, and Turmeric are also featured in Nourish Nectar, and all have particular benefits for providing the body with energy management and focussing the mind.

To find out why Ruth, the founder of XTEND5, chose to blend CBD with other ancient ingredients, read our blog on why blends can be better than CBD alone.

XTEND5 Mood Juice Broad Spectrum CBD

Mood Juice and Replenish Nectar for the dad who needs to chill

For many dads, it can be hard to switch off at the end of the day. Work, family, and the stresses of everyday life can affect sleep and prevent relaxation. Because of this, it was a given that Mood Juice and Replenish Nectar would have to be featured in our Father’s Day Gift Guide.

Mood Juice is a Broad Spectrum CBD that contains the full spectrum of compounds found in the hemp plant with the THC wholly removed. The benefits of Broad Spectrum CBD are often referred to as the “entourage effect.” Broad Spectrum CBD helps with stress relief and overall mental and physical relaxation. Studies show that Broad Spectrum CBD can help with pain relief, anxious feelings, and sleep conditions too, and with a mint chocolate chip flavor, dad will surely feel the calming and grounding benefits of CBD in no time.

Replenish Nectar is another excellent option for dads who need to chill and is the partner in crime to our Nourish Nectar energy formula. Instead of the two adaptogenic mushrooms, it has Melatonin and Potassium to support cell health and our central nervous system to promote sleep, mood, and overall well-being. Turmeric and Frankincense are also found in this evening blend, and go to work while you rest. These two ancient ingredients, alongside CBD, can help reduce inflammation in the body, which can increase when someone is under stress.

XTEND5 Miracle Manna CBD Capsules

Miracle Manna for the health conscious dad

No matter how long you have been a father or even a grandfather, the situation is generally the same; it takes a healthy body to keep up with the kids. When it comes to overall well-being, we want to conclude our Father’s Day Gift Guide with the wonder that is Miracle Manna.
Miracle Manna is a capsule that contains CBD Isolate, Reishi, Red Beetroot, and Artichoke. It’s for the healthy dad who might be struggling with stress, imbalance of hormones, or muscle and joint pain.

This unique combination of ingredients sets XTEND5 apart, with this capsule promoting and focusing on gut health first and foremost. It is formulated to provide maximum absorption in the gut, with the capsule delivering CBD throughout the digestive tract. Here at XTEND5, we have a large interest and passion for good gut health; after all, most inflammatory reactions and disease start in the gut, so maximizing bioavailability (the amount of food or supplement we absorb) is vital.

We have more information about gut health on the blog section of our website, but you may be interested in reading why bioavailability matters.

XTEND5 Father’s Day Gift Guide

If your dad is hard to buy for as he “has everything,” never underestimate the value of buying something for his overall well-being in the form of a CBD-based product. After all, money can’t buy perfect health, but natural resources can support a healthier and happier person.

At XTEND5, we pride ourselves on creating natural remedies that can support physical and mental health, and we value the ongoing research, testimonial evidence, and anecdotal feedback from our customers. Whether it’s aching joints and muscles, supporting energy, and relieving stress, improving sleep, or the importance of finding focus when it matters, CBD could be the answer and might just be the game-changer the fathers in our lives didn’t know they needed.

Happy Father’s Day from our family to yours!

XTEND5 Fathers Day CBD Gift Guide

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