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CBA Oil Energy BlendNourish Nectar

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Kids Calming Roll-On OilCalma Llama

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CBA Family PackThe Whole X5 Naturals CBA Set

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Copaiba Essential Oil

What is copaiba oil? Copaiba oil — or CBA oil — is derived from the sap of the copaiba tree. It is considered a stimulant and contains compounds such as beta-caryophyllene, beta-bergamotene, alpha-copaene, and beta-bisabolene. These substances have various effects. For instance, beta-caryophyllene supports pain relief and may help reduce inflammatory reactions. Similarly, beta-bergamotene and beta-bisabolene can target joint issues, while alpha-capaene appears to help support antioxidant function.

On the whole, copaiba essential oil helps promote pain relief, combat  inflammation and encourage certain anti-microbial functions. It can also support a more positive mood.

How Does Copaiba Differ From CBD?

CBD — or cannabidiol  — comes from cannabis and thus is considered a “cannabinoid.” However, it is non-psychoactive meaning it doesn’t produce a “high.” It can target pain and improve mood and has been shown to help treat stubborn acne and support overall well-being.

Copaiba, on the other hand, is not considered a cannabinoid. However, it does contain beta-caryophyllene, which acts on the endocannabinoid system, or ECS — the same area of the brain that CBD affects. The ECS is responsible for helping regulate various bodily functions including the immune system, appetite, pain and sleep.

Copaiba Oil: Supporting Your Well-being

X5 Naturals’ copaiba oil products can help manage a number of ailments including negative mood, fatigue, sleep issues, pain and stress. They may also support healthy immune function. Our CBA blends have been specially formulated to help relieve some of the stresses and pressures of today’s world. Whether you need more restful sleep, want to help ease pain and discomfort, or simply crave a more peaceful outlook during challenging times, these copaiba oil blends and CBA oils can help you reach those goals.

If you are looking for a copaiba oil roller blend, copaiba oil tinctures, or other products, check out our selection here.

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