Our Story

X5 Naturals Was Created With Purpose. Our Heart As a Family is to Use God-Given Ingredients to Revive the Body. Be Revived, X5 Naturals!

The needRuth is Diagnosed

Eight years ago, I was diagnosed with three autoimmune conditions; I realized my life would never be the same. Rather than accept my situation, I went on a journey to combat it.

The beginningRuth's Formulas

After years of research, trial, and testing, I finally found blends that worked for my inflammatory reactions! I can proudly say my conditions are now dormant! When it worked for me, I began sharing my formulas with others. Some with autoimmune issues, others were athletes looking to recover, and some were looking for more energy or a better night's sleep. The feedback I received was amazing! I knew I had to bring my blends to the public.

X5 Naturals is BornWhy We're Different

I believe healing begins in your gut! My products focus on bioavailability and include ingredients that work together to accomplish the goal. Many supplements don't even make it through our digestive tracts to be absorbed. That's a waste of money. Also, support shouldn't come from one source. That's why our products start with the cannabinoid-rich oil like CBD or CBA as a base; then, other ancient ingredients are infused. If you are on the go like me, your body needs as much support as it can get.

Start your journeyBe Revived.

Although X5 Naturals was created with a potency to target autoimmune issues and other ailments, it doesn't stop there. We've tailored these products for everyday people who need energy, good night's sleep, workout recovery, stress, or mood support. Be revived, X5 Naturals!

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