CBA 101

CBA is the abbreviation for Copaiba (co-pie-buh), a rare oil-resin offering the benefits of hemp from a completely different source. CBA offers, on average double the amount of beta-caryophyllene, the powerful component found in hemp found to support inflammation and symptom relief.

The sourceTropical Rainforests

CBA oil is harvested from the Copaifera tree. Native to the rainforests of South America, these massive trees can grow more than 100 feet tall. Brazilians have used CBA oil since as early as the 16th century. Today it is used as an antioxidant, for its soothing effects on the nervous system, promoting smoother and clearer skin, as well as improving the health of the immune, respiratory, and digestive systems.

The processSustainable Harvesting Practices

These trees are accessed by boat, so the collection season is determined by the water levels, making this a rare and treasured oil. Harvesting and extracting CBA oil is done in a similar way to maple syrup, by tapping or drilling holes into the wood of the trunk and collecting the resin that drips out. This non-evasive process leaves the tree healthy and happy, ready to develop more resin to be extracted over time.

The effectEndocannabinoid System

CBA oil is known for its healing and protective qualities. The CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system are known to stimulate such functions as sleep, memory, mood, and reducing inflammation. These receptors respond naturally to the cannabinoids found in the substance, which, as a result, trigger certain responses in the brain and central nervous system. The nervous system connects almost the entire body together and is responsible for a wide variety of bodily processes and functions.

The resultWell-being

Support shouldn't come from one source. That's why our products start with the cannabinoid-rich oil CBA as a base; then, other ancient ingredients are infused for ultimate symptom support. Our blends are specifically designed to support the relief of some of life's most common and problematic symptoms. We know the importance of a good night's sleep, a pain-free day, or the peace needed in anxious times.

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