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Father’s Day CBD Gift Guide

As we prepare to raise a high five to our fathers this Father’s Day, we want to start by celebrating the dads in our lives. Whether it’s the fathers here

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Why These 5 Ingredients?

The creator of XTEND5, Ruth Fernandez, first created our formulas in her kitchen. Over time she discovered that this process in itself was full of healing, hope, intentionality, and

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Losing the Stigma Around CBD

Cannabis, Hemp, Marijuana, CBD, THC? What are the differences, and where does stigma restrict many from trying CBD, an increasingly researched supplemental resource for the body and mind? Losing

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What is Mending Milk?

Whether you have worked hard at the gym, suffered an injury or strain, or have a long term condition that needs therapeutic attention, the XTEND5 Mending Milk uses the

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The Importance of CBD Testing

Why is CBD testing so important? CBD companies are springing up all over the country and are gaining a voice in the holistic, lifestyle, and healthcare markets. What most people

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