What is Beta-Caryophyllene?

February 13, 2020
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β-Caryophyllene or Beta-Caryophyllene is in a number of essential oils derived from spice and food plants. Beta-Caryophyllene is a sesquiterpene which is a significant plant volatile terpene, meaning it can move freely across membranes on a cellular level. As a compound, Beta-Caryophyllene is inflammatory fighting and tends to have stronger odors. Beta-Caryophyllene is in essential oils from plants such as oregano, cinnamon, black pepper, and CBA (Copaiba,) to name but a few.

Beta-Caryophyllene is on the FDA Substances Added to Food list and notes its use as a flavor enhancer and adjuvant. The word adjuvant is from the Latin word “to help,” and Beta-Caryophyllene certainly is that. In a medical article published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information a suggestion is made that it is the presence of Beta-Caryophyllene in CBA oil resin which is responsible for the inflammatory fighting and antioxidant actions of the oil. It is described in medical journals as a dietary cannabinoid, meaning it interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the human body.

There are CB1 and CB2 receptors in the human body. CB1 receptors are found mainly but not exclusively in the brain and throughout the central nervous system. The CB2 receptors can be found primarily in the immune system and on the surface of white blood cells throughout the whole body. In short, the CB2 receptor is also a primary regulator of inflammation. Both CB1 and CB2 are cannabinoid receptors, but the science shows us that Beta-Caryophyllene is a selective binding agent to the CB2 receptor affecting the reduction of inflammation in the body.

In conclusion, Beta-Caryophyllene is an essential resource in addressing inflammation throughout the body. It is the first known dietary cannabinoid and is unique in the terpene world, stretching across some of our most savored spices and plants. It’s presence in Copaiba oil marks yet another suggestion that combined with the other compound features in this oil can be a tremendous holistic resource to the mind and body.

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