How to Use Copaiba Oil

May 28, 2021
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Copaiba oil uses, and their natural medicinal qualities have had the founder of X5 Naturals intrigued for many years. She spent a long time researching what copaiba oil is used for, how to use copaiba oil in our everyday lives, and why it was a no-brainer to use Copaiba oil as a base for some of the X5 Naturals kids and adult products. So, where does copaiba oil come from? What are the uses of this essential oil? And why is copaiba oil hailed as a medicinal superhero by Ruth and her team here at X5 Naturals?

Copaiba oil is an earthy oleoresin that forms an essential oil through the process of steam distillation. It doesn’t have a strong odor but is still rich in terpenes with a very light amber color. Essential oils act as bridge builders, and copaiba oil is no exception. This essential oil connects us to the grounding nature of tree oils, giving the body organic matter to assimilate throughout the cells naturally. There are around seventy species of copaifera tree. The tapping of these trees has been widespread in Brazil for several centuries, where about 70% of copaifera trees are found on the planet.

Within the Brazilian culture of natural medicine, copaiba uses have included reducing swelling, addressing pain, treating infections, and promoting wound healing. A couple of ancient uses would have also included acting as an aphrodisiac and contraceptive, which made us smile. Making a fast forward to the modern world, you might be interested to know that copaiba oil is favored by many in the cosmetic industry. The reason why is because of not only the inflammatory fighting properties but also because of how the oil interacts with cannabinoid receptors in the skin, making it look and feel healthier.

The cosmetics industry has been using copaiba oil in skincare, hair products, and lotions. The pharmaceutical industry has discovered that some of the best ways to use copaiba oil in pharmaceutical preparations have been in natural diuretics and cough medicine. This is because of its recorded benefits as an expectorant, supporting body systems to release the consequences of swelling, such as mucus and infections.

Copaiba Oil Science

A brief introduction to the science of how Copaiba oil works.

Copaiba (CBA) oil addresses swelling by interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) within our bodies. The ECS is a communications network that runs throughout the twhole body, and unlike the central nervous system, which is electrical, the ECS is chemical. The ECS plays a significant role in balancing and keeping your internal processes functioning stably. The high level of Beta-Caryophyllene (BCP) in Copaiba oil works with the ECS by binding to receptors. CBA interacts with and protects these receptors, modulating many functions of the body and reducing swelling.

Many things can cause swelling in the body. From the food we eat to the environment we live in. It has been said that all diseases start with swelling of parts of the body.

In typical X5 Naturals style, we want to give you our top five copaiba oil uses and explain why this ancient oil has an array of natural medicinal uses too. You will quickly find out why Ruth, our founder, fell in love with this oil and, as a result, went to work on creating Nourish Nectar and Replenish Nectar, as well as our kid’s products Calma Llama and Sleepy Sloth.

1. Copaiba oil can reduce swelling

It is the high levels of BCP in Copaiba that make it a superpower against swelling. Swelling in the gut, for example, can cause several health concerns, and this is why, here at X5 Naturals, we are passionate about good gut health in general. There is no doubt in our minds that this is one of the best ways to use Copaiba, and that is to help relieve symptoms as a result of swelling.

2. Copaiba oil can calm

Copaiba oil can calm anxious feelings and reduce mental stress. It is the BCP content of Copaiba that soothes stress, promoting relaxation and concentration while also supporting improved mood.

3. Copaiba oil can soothe pain

By interacting with the sensory pain receptors in our bodies, Copaiba has been known to soothe pain within the body.

4. Copaiba oil is antimicrobial

As a result of Copaiba’s antimicrobial properties, its resin acts as a great natural resource for wound healing. Some studies have shown copaiba oil resin as a highly beneficial natural resource in , such as root canals. By protecting wounds against infection , copaiba oil can help with reducing the swelling and reduce the risk of further concerns while it heals.

5. Copaiba oil may help with parasite infections

There is a parasite called Leishmaniasis, which is transmitted by sand flies. In a study on mice, Copaiba oil was used both orally and topically to treat parasite lesions. Using Copaiba oil saw a reduction in lesion size created by the parasite. Some further studies even went on to show that copaiba oil resin may affect the cellular membrane of the parasite itself.


It is fair to conclude that Copaiba oil uses are increasing. From Copaiba’s medicinal uses, which are connected to its deep roots in ancient healing. To its modern-day uses in skin care and helping with swelling. We are sure that there will be a growing interest in how to use copaiba oil over the coming years while also discovering the best ways to use copaiba oil in our everyday lives. If you are interested in trying Copaiba oil and experiencing the benefits for yourself, you can conveniently do so with our various Copaiba oil products.

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