Benefits Of Artichokes

October 5, 2019
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Familiar to many as just another vegetable, the artichoke is quite a robust source of many nutrients and health benefits.

This versatile little plant, which is a member of the thistle family, is rich in vitamins, fiber, and several distinct minerals. Their extremely low levels of saturated fat and cholesterol make them nearly entirely nutritious. They’re one of the most antioxidant-rich vegetables around, and they also have significantly high levels of potassium, magnesium, folic acid, and many other helpful nutrients.

Incorporating artichokes regularly into meals is not only a great way to balance one’s diet, but it can also contribute notably to one’s overall health. The numerous benefits of artichokes make them one of the top ingredients for an organic and healthy lifestyle.

An Efficient Detoxifier

The combination of antioxidants and fiber found in artichokes make them ideal for detoxifying. Two antioxidants specifically, cynarin and silymarin, are particularly effective in reducing toxins in the liver and eliminating them from the body. Some studies suggest they may also help in growing or repairing damaged liver cells. Extra fiber also helps to keep your arteries and digestive system clean, allowing an improvement in overall function. Keeping your liver and digestive system free of toxins can help prevent many serious issues and keep you feeling healthier in everyday life.

Excellent For Weight Loss

The nutritional value of artichokes alone makes them an excellent choice for many diets. Not only do they provide a wealth of essential energy for bodily functions, but they’re also fantastic for lowering stored fat. The excess of fiber helps to keep you feeling full, absorbs extra fluids and cholesterol, and helps to keep your digestive system clean. In effect, it provides plenty of energy for your body while also helping to clear away what isn’t needed. That’s good news for reducing weight and keeping your body well supplied with what it needs.

Improved Health For Blood, Muscle, & Bones

Artichokes are a plentiful source of minerals like iron, magnesium, and phosphorus. These minerals are essential for healthy blood cells, bone density, and other bodily processes such as protein synthesis. Iron helps to keep your blood cells healthy, which can help prevent severe conditions like anemia. Their richness in potassium can also help to reduce blood pressure, which decreases the risk of heart attacks and can even be helpful for diabetic patients.  Magnesium is beneficial for improving bone density and growth, which can prevent bone diseases like osteoporosis. It also boosts metabolism which can help to synthesize protein, calcium, and other essential nutrients.

Help Soothe & Soften Skin

An abundance of vitamin-C and other antioxidants can assist in improving the appearance of one’s skin. The layers of skin are primarily made up of nutrients from what we consume. Up to 70% of skin cells are formed from collagen, which is heavily influenced by antioxidants like vitamin-C. Foods rich in antioxidants can help your skin look softer, younger, and retain its texture over time. They also help in the formation of new skin cells, which can facilitate the repair of broken or damaged skin tissue. This means they not only improve the appearance of skin, but they also help to keep it strong and healthy.

The numerous health benefits of artichokes are what make them well worth considering for a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. They’re one of the most effective vegetables for obtaining the energy you need, protecting yourself from potential health risks, and helping your body feel healthier overall. Almost anyone can take advantage of the benefits of artichokes to improve their health and wellness.

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