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November 17, 2020
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Start relieving the stress of PMS with Ruth’s homemade tea. Calling all women! Mom’s, daughters, aunts, sisters, friends! We know that our monthly hormonal cycle’s intimate details can be very personal and different for each one of you. We also know that many of you will have tapped into the wisdom of other women around you to bring balance, understanding, and relief to PMS symptoms. Here at X5 Naturals, we believe that learning from the wisdom found in our circle of women creates a sense of community and empathy, and this is why Ruth decided to share her homemade PMS tea with you here today. Inspired by ancient medicinal plant ingredients, Ruth has been making this tea for herself, her daughters, and her friends for many years to relieve the stress of PMS.

Premenstrual Syndrome, or PMS, is the combination of a variety of symptoms that affect menstruating women. In fact, it is noted that three out of four women will experience some form of PMS,1 and each month these symptoms can vary in intensity and form. A woman’s cycle, on average, has a rhythm of 28 to 30 days.2 The menstrual cycle increases and decreases the hormones estrogen and progesterone,3 with the influence of other hormones such as serotonin and ovarian steroids thrown into the cocktail too. The fluctuation of these hormones causes PMS symptoms, which can include mood swings, anxious feelings, irritability, food cravings (hello sweet tooth), fatigue, bloating, and acne.

PMS can be experienced anywhere from a week or even two weeks before a woman gets her monthly period, and various factors can influence the symptoms. From diet to exercise and developing rhythms of self-care, some women notice when hormonal shifts are happening in their bodies and respond as best they can. Others may be just learning to listen to their bodies and what works best to find the grounding, comfort, and relief needed. The U.S Office on Women’s Health suggests some top tips that may help relieve some of PMS symptoms.4 From getting enough sleep to choosing a healthy diet, which could include reducing the amount of caffeine, salt, and sugar in your diet in the two weeks leading up to your period. They also suggest things like learning how to manage stress better and doing some form of aerobic exercise throughout the month in general.

As mentioned above, choosing a healthy diet is very much part of resourcing the body to reduce PMS symptoms. As we reduce certain foods, it can be essential to add nourishing foods and drinks that resource the body as it goes through monthly changes. Ruth’s Relieving PMS Tea was created to nourish the body. By having the optional extras of X5 Naturals products at hand, you have the potential to experience the complimenting combination of ancient ingredients used for centuries.

Ginger and turmeric belong to the same family of some of the most studied medicinal plants. They have both been used to relieve pain and reduce inflammatory reactions5 holistically, and both have interesting biological activities.6 Ginger is a warming root that is commonly used in Asian cooking and teas. Turmeric has been used for centuries as a spice in curry flavoring. It is full of the chemical component curcumin, which gives this also warming root its bright yellow color. Ginger is full of the chemical component gingerol, which research has shown is a powerful antioxidant and holds many benefits for addressing inflammatory reactions. Combined7 ginger and turmeric could help with nausea,8 stomach upsets, bloating, and general discomfort.

Ruth also chose to add cinnamon and chamomile flowers to her tea recipe. Cinnamon is another one of those popular warming spices that comes from the inner bark of the cinnamon tree.9 It is famed for its rich woody flavor and has many benefits, including addressing inflammatory reactions, helping with blood sugar levels10 (hello sugar cravings), and even helps fight bacterial infections.11 On the other hand, chamomile flowers are boasted to be one of the most ancient medicinal herbs known to man. Chamomile flowers have been commonly used for12 muscle spasms, menstrual conditions, rheumatic disorders, ulcers, and even wound healing. These delicate flowers are known for their curative and preventative properties, and yet again, we are shown the intricate interplay between plant life and human health.

Adding one of the X5 Naturals products to your tea can enhance the already therapeutic ingredients of this homemade tea created for the stress of PMS. If you are heading to bed with cramps and a sense of discomfort, you may like to add Replenish Nectar to your evening brew. In our Replenish Nectar, CBD or CBA is combined with Turmeric, Potassium, Melatonin, and Frankincense. This combination may help you feel a sense of deep rest and restoration. The other evening blend that you could add to Ruth’s tea is our Sleepy Sloth. This product is marketed as a kid’s product, but the l-theanine content (which is found in green tea) could be a great resource to your mind. Sleepy Sloth is not an exclusive kid’s product. It works great for adults too!

If your discomfort around PMS affects your day, our Mood Juice could be an excellent resource for you. Mood Juice is a broad-spectrum CBD product. It contains multiple cannabinoids, all completely free of any psychoactive components, and famed for its liquid calm energy and a source of potential pain relief.13

Relieving the stress of PMS with Ruth’s Homemade Tea is simple and potentially very effective. The next time one of the women in your sisterhood is suffering from PMS symptoms, point her to this warming, rich in flavor tea, and add X5 Naturals products for that little something extra!

Ruth’s Relieving PMS Tea Recipe

  • 1 x Cinnamon stick
  • 1 x Thumb of ginger, cut into chunks
  • 1 x little finger of turmeric
  • ¼ cup dry chamomile flowers
  • For PMS Tea Daytime, add two full droppers of Nourish Nectar (CBA for children) or Mood Juice.
  • For PMS Tea Evening, add two full droppers of Replenish Nectar (CBA for children) or Sleepy Sloth.


Step 1: Bring all the ingredients to the boil in a small pan of water. Make sure to leave the lid on to ensure full extraction of the essential oils.

Step 2: After the tea has boiled, let it rest for about 10 minutes (with the lid still on).

Step 3: Once the ingredients have steeped, pour into a cup and add two full droppers of your daytime or evening X5 Naturals tinctures, and enjoy.

Yours in health,

X5 Naturals Team

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