What is Melatonin?

June 12, 2020
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Melatonin is a hormone that many tissues in the body naturally produce, promoting the circadian rhythms of night and day, as well as seasonal changes and regulating our sleep quality. Its primary place of production, though, is called the Pineal gland, which resides in the brain. It is from here Melatonin is pumped around the body through the bloodstream by cerebrospinal fluid1.

The Pineal gland has an element of mystery to it, and has been called the “seat of the soul.” It is a relatively tiny gland found right at the center of the brain, and its primary function is to receive information about the state of the light/dark cycle from the environment and respond accordingly.2 As the Pineal gland processes information, it produces the hormone Melatonin and secretes it when it is dark.

Interestingly, Melatonin is not necessary for sleep, but instead, we sleep better as it is secreted. Its production can fluctuate with age and other hormonal changes. Melatonin helps maintain a healthy internal clock while supporting brain regeneration and sleep patterns. Melatonin is also an antioxidant3.

Some foods can increase the production of Melatonin4, and it has become a widely used supplement, in many forms, over the last number of years. It is also being suggested that this natural hormone can help with many conditions in adults and children.

Melatonin is produced naturally by the body and is secreted in high quantities when daylight turns to night. That is why some studies are suggesting that our use of screens into the evenings could be affecting melatonin production, especially in young people5.

You will find Melatonin in our CBD and CBA recovery formulas called Replenish Nectar. It works in synergy with other inflammatory fighting ingredients that help repair the body while we are resting. We also have a children’s product called Sleepy Sloth, which helps children relax, achieve sound sleep, and even help with brain regeneration and mental focus.

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Melatonin is a safe and natural supplement that can be added to your routine with an abundance of functions, least of all maintaining our circadian rhythms, the “clock” part of our brain, and supporting sleep. Using melatonin as a supplement isn’t new. We have found that melatonin can work great to help cue the body to fall asleep. What it may not do is help you stay asleep or fall back asleep after waking. We get a lot of feedback from customers saying, “I have tried melatonin, but I keep waking up during the night.”

When we created our sleep blends, we had these problems in mind. Using Copaiba and CBD as our base oils, we’re able to create a synergistic effect with melatonin and our other potent ingredients. Melatonin helps you fall asleep, and the cannabinoid oil and frankincense help you stay asleep.

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