“Veggies in Disguise” Smoothies

September 18, 2019
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All moms can relate to the daily struggle of making sure their kids “eat their veggies!” To accomplish this mission I have come up with 6 fun and unique favored smoothie recipes that any kid will love. Like all superheros, our powers need to be in disguise. “Veggies in Disguise” Smoothies are a mixture of sweet milks and fruit- a fool proof way to get kiddos to eat their greens!

Use your discretion for each smoothie. You can’t go wrong! Add as much or little of each ingredient to get your desired thickness and flavor.

1. Blueberry Pie Smoothie:

Vanilla almond milk,  frozen banana,  frozen blueberries,  spinach,  a handful of gluten free oats, and a spoonful of honey

2. Strawberry Splash Smoothie:

Vanilla coconut milk, banana, frozen strawberries, steamed cauliflower diced up, chia seeds

3. Tropical Mango Madness Smoothie:

Vanilla coconut milk, 1/2 avocado, frozen mango, cooked sweet potato, a spoonful of raw agave

4. Hawaiian Green Smoothie

Macadamia nut milk, frozen banana, kiwi, raw kale chopped finely, spinach, chia seeds, maple syrup

5. Banana Split Smoothie:

2% organic milk, frozen banana, spinach, vanilla extract, cocoa powder, honey, almond butter

6. Apple Pie Smoothie:

Vanilla almond milk, frozen banana, diced green apple (skin removed), cooked squash, dash of cinnamon, maple syrup


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