What are Cordyceps?

November 14, 2019
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If you’re like most people, you are looking for ways to be healthier and have more energy. Recently, people have begun to focus on natural alternatives to improve health and increase vitality. More specifically, people have become more focused on adding holistic nutrition and quality supplements to their diet.

One such addition is Cordyceps. For hundreds of years, people have eaten Cordyceps because of their health benefits, but now science is researching this fungus, and its properties to study the impact it has on your health.

Cordyceps are a genus of mushroom with over 400 known species. These fungi grow abundantly in Asia, but Cordyceps also thrive in humid climates, like tropical rainforests. Cordyceps have been known for thousands of years to support a variety of health-related issues.

It can be challenging to find Cordyceps in your local grocery store, and you may have to trek around to a specialty shop to buy these magical, medicinally bountiful mushrooms. But it is well worth it to add these fungi to your diet as there is a long list of ways they can positively impact your health.

3 Benefits of Cordyceps:

1. Anti-aging

True anti-aging is about more than fighting wrinkles. It’s about slowing down the aging process inside the body and improving overall longevity.

In one recent study, Cordyceps extract, in a liquid form, was shown to increase the lifespan of the fruit fly, due to decreasing oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is an imbalance caused by too many free radicals and not enough antioxidants to defend against them. Over time, oxidative stress can cause damage to cell walls. Cordyceps have shown promise at reducing this oxidative stress, bringing your cellular function back into alignment. Thus slowing down cellular aging.

2. Energy boosting

Feeling that afternoon slump? Having a hard time finding that “get up and go” in the morning? The answer to lack of energy might be the Cordyceps. Research has indicated that these fungi increase the production of ATP, our body’s energy transportation unit.

Scientists have also discovered that Cordyceps may improve athletic performance in older individuals. The study concluded that Cordyceps could contribute not only to better performance during exercise but an overall improvement in the health of elderly individuals. Cordyceps provide a much safer (and healthier) alternative to sugary energy drinks that cause the jitters.

In addition to increasing energy for all individuals, Cordyceps might allow older individuals to remain physically active, which in turn improves their health and fitness levels.

3. Inflammatory Fighting

Cordyceps possess inflammatory fighting properties that can be helpful for people dealing with everything from eczema, to PCOS. Some inflammation in our body is beneficial, and a sign that your immune response is working. However, too much inflammation can cause oxidative stress, which is harmful to your cellular health.

Cordyceps cause a decrease in the body’s inflammatory response system, thereby lowering inflammation. One study suggested that applying Cordyceps topically on the skin of mice, reduced inflammation, pointing to the powerful inflammatory fighting properties of this amazing mushroom.

Researchers have also found that the benefits of Cordyceps include:

  • Stabilize blood sugars
  • Improve heart health
  • Boost immunity

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