What is Vetiver?

April 18, 2020
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The Vetiver plant is dense grass that is native to India. It is, however, the root that is harvested for medicine and aromatherapy practice. It is distilled into essential oil and is used in many holistic practices. Being described as an “Oil of Tranquility” and “The Fragrance of the Soil,” this grounding oil can be combined in massage oil, used as a tonic topically to tighten skin, and is used for soothing stress, fatigue, insomnia, negative feelings, and mental clarity.1

We have used Vetiver in our Calma Llama roll-on, and although designed for kids, we have seen it be excellent support for adults too. After experiencing attention issues in her own family, Ruth created Calma Llama as a resource to mind, body, and emotional wellbeing. The roll-on applicator is also a tactile experience that brings a sense of intentionality and calm, just by applying the oil to wrists, on the back of the neck, and cupping the aroma in the palm of your hands, we have seen children and adults benefit from this blend.

So, what is Vetiver? It is a grounding oil full of balancing terpenes and a calming aroma. It eases mental and physical fatigue and enhances focus and concentration. Vetiver offers support to the mind and body, so take a deep breath and remember that at the root of this plant lies some incredible holistic properties.

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