What is Vetiver?

The Vetiver plant is dense grass that is native to India. It is, however, the root that is harvested for medicine and aromatherapy practice. It is distilled into essential oil

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Is CBA safe for kids?

Copaiba is an essential oil resin, which at X5 Naturals is more commonly known as CBA. It is the resin from the Copaifera tree, which is found in South

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Reishi and the Immune System

Ganoderma lucidum, otherwise known as REISHI mushrooms, are part of the Fungi kingdom and have been used in oriental medicine for centuries. Reishi mushrooms are full of bioactive1 molecules such

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What is the Adaptive Immune System?

The adaptive immune system1 acts to discern what pathogens (an infectious agent that can cause disease) are foreign to the body and destroy them before they cause harm. The adaptive

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Roasted Beets with Ginger

If you haven’t noticed by now, I LOVE beets, so why not use them to bring some bold color to your plate while helping lower blood pressure and decrease

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