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Gluten-Free Mini Berry Tarts

Stumped on what to make for Thanksgiving dessert? Invited to a holiday potluck with no idea what to bring? Try making these delicious mini tarts that will surely wow any

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Brain Boosting Mug Cake

Having a sweet treat at the end of the day does not have to put your body into a tailspin! By using ingredients such as grass-fed butter, we are

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Fresh and Tangy Millet Tabbouleh

Even though the summer weather is wrapping up here in Southern California (eventually!) my palate is still craving the fresh cold salads I lived on the last 3 months. Millet

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Gut Healing Smoothie

Many people suffer from the painful symptoms associated with gut conditions. Incorporating this smoothie into your weekly healthy eating routine may help to repair leaky gut and other digestive

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Creamy Bedtime Golden Milk

Golden Milk is a creamy, dairy free drink that has many inflammatory fighting properties. Try drinking this soothing milk as part of your bedtime routine. Having a nightly ritual

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